In our gallery section you can take a look at some of our products, services and also the projects that we have handled for our clients. If you wish to know more about our products and services, please feel free to contact us.

Services - Landscaping


Soft Landscaping

Jagdish Gothi Rolta Shabbir Mucchala Sidiq Shaikh UGSL-1 UGSL-2 Universal-College-1 Universal-College-2

Hard Landscaping

chemtrols-1 chemtrols-2 chemtrols-3 chemtrols-4 chemtrols-5 Niwara-resort-1 Niwara-resort-1

Services - Garden Consultancy and Maintenance

Choksey-1 Choksey-2 Nayan-Mhatre RBI SBI-Dunedin-1 SBI-Dunedin-2 Shekhar Bajaj Sushi Jadhav

Services - Farm Management

Kishore-Mariwala-1 Kishore-Mariwala-1 Kishore-Mariwala-3

Services - Tree Transplantation

tree-1 tree-2 tree-3 tree-4 tree-5 tree-6 tree-7 tree-8

Services - Micro-irrigation

GG UGSL_irrigation

Services - Water Bodies


Innovative Concepts - Nature Dating

Lodha-School-1 Lodha-School-2 Lodha-School-6 Lodha-School-7

Innovative Concepts - Make Your Plants

Kadhai Handi Pot Big Kettel Big Kettel Medium Milk M Big Milk M Small Sqaure Small Alu handi Small Make-Your-Plants-1 Make-Your-Plants-1 Make-Your-Plants-1 Lodha-School-3 Lodha-School-4 Lodha-School-5 Lodha-School-8 Make-Your-Plants-5 Make-Your-Plants-6 Make-Your-Plants-7 Make-Your-Plants-8 Make-Your-Plants-9 Make-Your-Plants-10 Make-Your-Plants-11 Make-Your-Plants-12 Make-Your-Plants-13

Innovative Concepts - Gift of Earth

cup & saucer 1 Terrariums 3 table-top-landscape4 Jute Pot 5 hanging-6 Goe Balti Planter Goe-Balti-Planter-Small Goe-Cr-Basket Goe-Cr-Duck Goe-Cr-Duck-A Goe-Cr-Planter-Small Goe-Cutlery-Big Goe-FLOWER--PLANTER--DH040-24 Goe-FLOWER--PLANTER--SOO34-23 Goe-FLOWER--PLANTER--SOO44-17 Goe-FLOWER--PLANTER--SOO45-19 Goe-FLOWER--PLANTER--SOO47-18 Goe-FLOWER--PLANTER--SOO65-17 Goe-FLOWER--PLANTER--SOO211-20 Goe-FLOWER--PLANTER--SOO228-31 Goe-Mini-Balti-Planter Goe-Multipupose-bag Goe-Soap-Pot 100_1404 100_1407 100_1413 100_1414

Garden Concepts

Balcony Garden - Khushum Mama Balcony Garden - Parul Zhaveri Pathway Garden -Chemtrols Terrace Garden - Bongirwar-1 Terrace Garden - Bongirwar-2 Terrace Garden - Nitin Shah-1 Terrace Garden - Nitin Shah-2 Terrace Garden - Ranoo Malhotara

Garden Furniture

furniture-1 furniture-2 furniture-3 furniture-4 furniture-5 furniture-6 furniture-7 furniture-8 furniture-9 furniture-10 furniture-11 furniture-12 furniture-13
India's 1st Garden Mall

India's 1st Garden Mall

Go Green offers one stop solution for everything in gardening, by bringing plants, garden accessories and services under one roof.

Make Your Plants

Make Your Plants

Sensing the fragrance of the soil, perceiving the future of a bud and feeling the pride of making your own plant is something worth experiencing.

India's 1st Garden Mall

Plants on Hire

Go Green introduces this specially designed concept considering on-going requirements of Corporate Offices, Malls, Hotels, Banks and Institutions.


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