Go Green specializes in medicinal, indigenous, developed plants, rare varieties and tabletop landscapes. Exclusively picked from among thousands of varieties and sourced from different parts of India, these plants are not only genuine, but also reflect healthy development.

Aquatic Plants

Aquatic plants are also referred to as hydrophytes. These plants require special adaptations for living submerged in water, or at the water's surface.


  • Submersed: Hydrilla, Cobamba, Vallisneria etc. (Mostly used in aquariums.)
  • Free Floating: Pistia (Water cabbage), Azolla, Lemna (Duck weed), Ludwigia, Salvinia (Water fern) etc.
  • Anchored to sub-soil: Nelumbo (Lotus), Nymphaea (Water lily), Nuphar, Euryale etc.
  • Marsh plants:Typha (Ramban), Cyperus (Umbrella palm), Thalia, Monochoria, Colocasia 'Purple Magic', etc.

Bulbous Plants

In this section plants with bulbs, corms, rhizomes, stem tubers & root tubers are included. These are herbaceous perennials grown for ornamental purposes or as vegetables & have underground storage organs.


  • Bulbs: Hippeastrum, Polianthes tuberosa (Tuberose), Zephyranthes (Monsoon lily), Haemanthus (Fireball lily) etc.
  • Corms: Gladioli, Crocusetc
  • Rhizomes: Alpinia, Curcuma (Turmeric), Hedychium (Ginger lily) etc.
  • Stem Tubers: Potato, Sinningia (Gloxinia), Caladium etc.
  • Root tubers: Dahlia, Ipomoea (Sweet potato), etc.

Cacti and other Succulents

These plants are extremely drought resistant, easy to maintain & many of them have very showy flowers. In Cacti, spines are modified leaves. Many other succulents have very attractive foliage or forms.

Creepers and Climbers

Creepers and Climbers are those plants that are capable of climbing on a support, on their own.They are suitable for arches, pergolas & trellis. Ramblers are plants which grow like Bougainvillea. The ramblers can be maintained either like creepers on an arch, trellis or pergola or can be maintained in the form of a shrub by regular trimming.

Drought Resistant Plants

Many plants around the world are naturally adapted to growing in dry conditions. Some of these are Thevetia, Nerium, Plumeria, Bougainvillea, Cryptostegia, etc. Apart from these Cacti & other succulents, which can withstand drought.

Fruit Plants

In this category, one can find edible fruit plants like Mango, Custard apple, Chiku, Fig, Guava, Cashew, Pomello, Jack fruit, etc. Some of them are grown from seeds, while few are either grafted, budded or air layered.

Ground Cover and Grasses

Grasses too are ground covers; however, the grasses are mainly used for making lawns. Additionally, there are some tall grasses, which are used for landscaping. Most grasses need full sunlight for their healthy growth. However, there are certain shady places in a garden, where the open soil needs to be covered. In such places, ground clinging herbaceous plants can be grown. Pilea, Baby tears, Brahmi, Hemigraphis, Wedelia, etc. can be used as ground covers in such places.

Hedge and Border Plants

Hedges can be of two types - Decorative & Protective.Decorative hedges & Borders can be made from plants like Duranta, Acalypha, Thunbergia, Schefflera, Murraya (Kamini), etc. Protective hedges should be either thorny or be inedible for cattle or goats. Sagargota, Clerodendrum inerme (Kadu Mendi), Vitex (Nirgudi), Synadenium, Euphorbia varieties are some of the plants, which can be used for protective hedges.

Indigenous Plants

Indigenous plants that have developed, occur naturally, or existed over many years in a particular area. Since these plants are native, they are most suitable in gardening & forestry. Many local birds, butterflies and other insects & animals depend upon them for their survival.

Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are grown indoors in places such as residences and offices.These can be shrubs, herbs, creepers & climbers or even the trees (only if maintained in a pot by regular trimming). They can be of decorative foliage or some with very showy flowers. Basically, these plants need semi shade. They can be grown in pots, hanging baskets or some even without soil – in moss, coco-peat, coco-chips, etc.

Medicinal Plants

Medicinal plants can be trees, shrubs or creepers. But herbs are easy to grow even in balconies or on window sills. Some are used for cosmetic purposes like Aloe, Kapur kachri, Mehndi, etc. Tulasi, Brahmi, Neer Brahmi, Pimpli, Akkalkadha, Mint, etc. are used for medicinal purposes. All seasonal plants perish after their flowering/fruiting season is over.

Plants for Coastal Areas

Many plants get affecteddue to saline winds, particularly during monsoon. Plants like Pandanus, Scaevola, Pisonia, Pedilanthus, Lavanvalli are some of the shrubs, which are suitable for coastal areas. Coconut, Casuarina, Alexandrian laurel, Cerbera, Plumeria are some of the trees suitable for coastal areas.

Seasonal Flowers and Vegetables

Seasonal flowers and vegetables can be classified into three groups’ i.e. Suitable for summer & monsoon, for winter and those which can be grown anytime of the year.

Seasonal Flowers

Petunia, Dianthus, Marigold, Zinnia, Pansy, Aster, Balsam, Cleome, Antirrhinum, Gazania, Sunflower, Phlox, Nasturtium, Gaillardia, etc.

Seasonal Vegetables

Brinjal, Beans, Carrot, Beetroot, Cauliflower, Palak, Lettuce, Tomato, Bhendi etc.

Tree Saplings

At Go Green, one can find indigenous & exotic saplings of the trees. These trees are either meant for flowering or for decorative foliage. Many flowering trees have scented flowers. Saplings are available in various stages of their growth. Some trees are suitable for avenues & many can be used for specimen planting. Trees can be evergreen or deciduous (leaf shedding). We have different sizes of trees ranging from small to large trees. Some trees grow very slowly, while some are fast growing.

8-12 Ft. Developed Plants

An instant landscape is what many need, ready with trees, which would have taken years to reach much desired size. Our 8 - 12 Feet Developed Plants Section caters to this need, in residential and commercial complexes, corporate offices, farmhouses, play parks, etc. Also termed as Mother Plants, Grown up Trees, Specimen Plants or Established Plants, Go Green is the one-stop source.

India's 1st Garden Mall

India's 1st Garden Mall

Go Green offers one stop solution for everything in gardening, by bringing plants, garden accessories and services under one roof.

Make Your Plants

Make Your Plants

Sensing the fragrance of the soil, perceiving the future of a bud and feeling the pride of making your own plant is something worth experiencing.

India's 1st Garden Mall

Plants on Hire

Go Green introduces this specially designed concept considering on-going requirements of Corporate Offices, Malls, Hotels, Banks and Institutions.


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