Gift of Earth

The first Novel Green Gifting Concept introduced by Go Green, breaks all the traditional ways of gifting like flowers, bouquets, chocolates, etc. By choosing to gift a plant for every celebration, you contribute towards maintaining the earth's reputation of being the only venue discovered so far for celebrating life. Occasions may vary, but your token of expression by gifting a life through plants will always stand tall for many years to come. Ideal for Anniversaries, Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries and Corporate Gifting, it is certainly an innovative gifting concept for any occasion. What else worth gifting can it be, to get remembered each day with a growing life. Let's make 'Gift of Earth' a culture that strongly influences the future generation's right to celebrate life. Click here to view images

Nature Dating

Nature wears the colours of spirit. She captivates your soul with mesmerising beauty and emerald enchantment. The sense of a divine interaction with the most beautiful and powerful creation on earth is a subject of practical exploration. Keeping this in mind, Go Green introduces Nature Dating. It is India's first ever concept strategically developed by a nursery. Nature Dating is an ideal one-day program for Schools/Colleges/Educational Institutions having environmental studies as a part of their curriculum.

The Aim
Conceptualised by Go Green, Nature Dating is aimed at developing awareness, creating nature bonding, fostering greenery, inculcating consciousness about greenery and brining people closer to the world of plants. For students, it is an extension of their classroom learning, to on-ground experience.

The Target
Nature Dating is the ideal one-day program for Schools/Colleges/Education Institutions having environmental studies as a part of their curriculum. Also ideal for Nature Groups, Clubs, Laughter Clubs, Social Groups, Societies, Corporates, Associations, Mahila Mandals, etc.

Topics Covered
The topics covered will be part of an extensive program, which will include experiments, field observations, presentations, quiz contests, etc. The topics include: > Plants Classification > Plants in Daily Life (Bushes, Climbers, Creepers, Trees and Grasses) > Curative Powers of Various Medicinal Plants > World of Flowerings > Biodiversity of Plant World > Plantation Techniques > Understanding Nature's Food Chain > Water Conservation > Cleaner Air, Healthier Living > Waste Management Techniques > Global Warming > Visit to Yusuf Meherally Centre - Village Gramudyog, Vermiculture, Pottery, Natural Soap Factory, Oil Ghani, Bakery, etc. Click here to view images

Plants on Hire

Plants are vital part of a professional office environment. Lush, vibrant plants enhance your corporate image by providing the finishing touch to your business setting. Green workplace has always proven to improve morale, absorb noise, clean the air, and reduce stress at work. Naturally, plants have the unique ability to humanize an office, encourage the productivity, stimulate the mind and promote creativity.

Go Green introduces this specially designed concept considering on going requirements of Corporate Offices, Malls, Hotels, Banks and Institutions. Professionals from Go Green visit your premises and take in to account existing lighting and color schemes to give you informed and professional advice tailored to your environment. Go Green provides you with the best quality indoor and outdoor plants and their arrangements, accompanied by a gardener who visits the premises on a regular basis to maintain the plants up to their required standard. Go Green always uses plants that attract the sight of visitors. Immediate replacement of a plant is made in case it loses its original luster. Above all, its maintenance service includes watering, cleaning of foliage, fertilizing, pruning, pests and disease control. Living closer to nature can actually help you to live longer; they have real benefits to your health and living environment.

Make Your Plants

Love Thy Nature, Your Way

Sensing the fragrance of the soil, perceiving the future of a bud and feeling the pride of making your own plant is something worth experiencing. Go Green presents 'Make Your Plants', a creative planting activity specially conceptualized for nature lovers, addressing their green love at Go Green, Panvel.
Now, indulge yourself in the art of plant making and relating yourself with the nature by making your own plant. In this activity, you can customize and make your plants as per your wish, under the guidance and assistance of qualified Horticulturists. For this exclusive planting process, Go Green provides well-equipped accessories like gloves, apron, cap, etc. along with various inputs like Planters with novel concepts, innovative jars, hanging planters, soil, manure, brick chips, planting tools, etc. that helps you in making your own plant in the most creative and interesting way. Moreover, you also have the privilege to take your creation along with you.
Go Green's 'Make Your Plants' section also inspires and exhibits the concept of making the productive use of waste products, weaving it with the novel planting ideas. The section exhibits some of the rarely seen productive use of waste products in the form of planters.
It's time to feel like a creator and get into the Nature's Shoe by making your own plant, your way. Click here to view images

Go Green's - Save the Earth, Nature Gift Vouchers

A trend-setting concept in gift vouchers. Go Green has empowered the corporate gifting concept with a priceless life with Nature Gift Vouchers. The bearer of the gift vouchers is entitled to select plants and garden accessories worth the mentioned amount in the gift vouchers.

Dial a Mali

Now your search for a Mali is just a call away. Get the best professional service at your doorsteps for varied gardening issues. Now no need to wait for unskilled gardeners, just dial and get sorted.

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